Beginner and Intermediate Level courses are offered for students aged 13 and up. The Adults course provides an enjoyable and positive environment to escape the worries of the outside world and help relieve stress. For athletes looking to progress to the competitive Olympic side of the sport, and for those who simply want to be the best they can, the Adults course is a great opportunity to get into great shape, develop the self-confidence and self-control needed to lead a successful life and career. 

As the original Taekwondo school in Canada, Chong Lee Taekwondo places a strong emphasis on the technical side of the sport, and uses a series of footwork-based exercises to strengthen cardio and coordination. Training in groups, teenagers and adults work directly with instructors on numerous cardio warm-ups, stretching exercises, as well as punching and kicking drills specific to the mastery of Taekwondo techniques. 

Equally important is the development of a positive mentality, which students can transfer to all aspects of their lives. Chong Lee Taekwondo provides students with all the necessary tools to become a winner, in and out of the mat. 

We understand some students practice taekwondo for practical training and self-defense, other aim to build stamina and strength, many come to relieve stress and some are interested in competition with the goal to become champions. Whatever your reason for practicing taekwondo is, we want you to succeed! Come in today for a free trial! 

Benefits for our Teen and Adult Taekwondo students
  • Enhance physical and mental health
  • Increase energy and stamina 
  • Foster a positive attitude
  • Be a part of a taekwondo community 
  • Learn the art of Taekwondo and self-defense skills   
  • Develop patience, confidence, self-discipline
  • Overcome fear, self-doubt and laziness
  • You’ll perform better, feel better, be better