Taekwondo is a method of defence that does not make use of weapons, but focuses on techniques such as kicks, punches, jumps, blocks and footwork. The entire body becomes the means of defence. More than just physical combat, it is a martial art representing a way of thinking and a lifestyle which includes ethics and discipline.

A sport, an effective technique of self-defence, an exercise in mental discipline, this diversity makes taekwondo accessible to people of all ages. In fact, millions of people in over 180 countries are practicing taekwondo today. Improved mind and body connection, increased flexibility and strength, sharpened reflexes and enhanced muscular structure, these are some of the physical benefits. But taekwondo also helps develop discipline, patience and humility. Taekwondo is ranked as a high performance and sometimes spectacular sport. It is among the disciplines included at the Olympics.

Among the numerous benefits of practicing taekwondo, steady concentration, a basic requirement to master techniques, helps develop mental discipline. In parallel, as we progress and build self-confidence, we continue facing challenges that inevitably encourages humility. All these qualities have positive effects on overall behaviour. In general, the taekwondo enthusiast demonstrates great modesty. Also, generous with those who perform at lower levels, enthusiasts will sustain an attack but will always remain fair as the strict code of ethics disallows all injustice and exaggerated use of abilities. In summary, discipline, self-confidence, modesty along with acquired physical prowess describe the ideal practitioner.

Our taekwondo enthusiast may not have invented the proverb that says: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, but he is a living testament of its truth. Such an individual is an asset to our environment and to society in general. Realizing that our children are our future and that by allowing them to grow in such an environment we are creating and influencing our future for the better, allows us to measure the impact of this humble tool on our society – which greatly needs to revise its values.


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