Beginner and Intermediate Level courses available for teenagers and adults (from 13 and up), the Teens and Adults class provides an enjoyable and positive environment to escape the worries of the outside world and blow off some steam. For athletes looking to progress to the competitive oplympic side of the martial art, and those who simply want to be the best they can, the Teens and Adults class is a great opportunity to get into shape and develop the self-confidence and self-control needed to lead a successful life and career.

As the original Taekwondo school in Canada, Chong Lee Taekwondo places a strong emphasis on the technical side of the sport, and uses a series of footwork-based exercises to strengthen cardio and coordination. Training in groups, beginner Teen and Adult students work directly with instructors on a number of cardio warm-ups, stretching exercises and punching and kicking drills specific to the mastery of Taekwondo techniques.

Equally important, however, is the development of a positive mentality that students can transfer to all aspects of their lives. The Chong Lee Taekwondo Teens and Adults class provides students with all the tools necessary to become a winner, both on and off the mat.

Private Teens and Adults courses and seminars are also available.

Please call (514)270-8239 or Contact Chong Lee Taekwondo for more information.

Free Class for the first white belt registration. Family Special for the first white belt registration. Free Uniforme for the first white belt registration.
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