We offer an in depth comprehension course in our 'Slackline With a Yogic Consciousness'. In this course we explore breath, posture, and focus while balancing on a slackline. This 10 week course is intended to take a beginner from not being able to stand on a line, to being able to walk comfortably with good posture and consistent breathing. Ultimately, being well on the line! Even an intermediate slackliner can benefit by returning to the basics and strengthening their technique. The classes are adaptable to the students level of performance.

Pierre Carrillo is a balance artist and circus performer. With an unwavering practice of rope walking and yoga Pierre has developed an understanding of how to efficiently keep balance in the most difficult situations.

Chantal and Pierre are artists that have developed a strong practice of yoga and slackline. Using the ancient knowledge of yoga and joining it with a modern form of rope walking, they have developed their own style. They share their passion through their performances and by giving classes of yoga , partner yoga and slackline. Their fusion of disciplines help them provide a complete training for the body and mind.

Please call (514)270-8239 or Contact Chong Lee Taekwondo for more information.

Free Class for the first white belt registration. Family Special for the first white belt registration. Free Uniforme for the first white belt registration.
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