Taekwondo philosophy is based on the concept of Yin and Yang which symbolizes the interaction of opposing forces in nature. Harmony and balance are achieved when these opposing forces are distributed equally. When balance is not achieved, there is disorder or failure.

Respect, humility, and healthy moral standards are also major concepts at the heart of taekwondo. The importance of respect will never be emphasized enough as it is the key to all healthy relationships including that of the instructor and student. If the student does not have respect for himself and for his peers, he will never gain the confidence of the people around him and will quickly be excluded. The principal of respect applies to all aspects of life.

Humility is another quality that all students must exercise and improve. It is not easily acquired. Practicing taekwondo with success must not increase self-confidence to the point of developing a feeling of superiority over others. On the same note, negating one’s own abilities to demonstrate humility is no better and simply equates to false modesty. Humility for the enthusiast is the reality that today he is likely better than yesterday and probably not as good as he will be tomorrow and that he himself is the master of this opportunity. With this perspective of evolution and growth, the taekwondo enthusiast must accept that his peers are evolving as well. When judging his progress against that of his peers, he systematically regresses, especially if he looks down on his peers.

The principles of taekwondo:

Observing these principles include by default the practice of respect, humility, responsibility and healthy moral standards.

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