In taekwondo progress is continually measured and identified with the help of a grading system. The different levels (keups) are symbolized by different coloured belts, going from white to black.

There are many levels of black belts (Dan) and each level denotes specific responsibilities and introduces specific challenges to conquer. Upon obtaining a black belt, the individual is considered a newborn. Generally, the black belt first dan student becomes vividly conscious of his errors and weaknesses. A good black belt is not necessarily a good fighter, but rather is an individual with a positive and constructive attitude towards practicing taekwondo as well as towards life in general. On the other hand, a good fighter is not necessarily a good black belt.

A black belt first dan can become an assistant instructor, one can only become instructor from the second dan level. The title Master instructor is awarded only from the 5 th dan. Black belts of 5 th, 6 th and 7 th dan are Masters and 8 th to 10 th dan black belts are Grand Masters. At this time, there is only one tenth dan in the world – Grand Master Chong Lee’s instructor. However the World Federation is reviewing this tradition and is considering increasing the number of 10 th dans. For individuals of 15 years of age and less, the black belt is referred to as Poom.

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