Incorporating elements of Poomse with regular Taekwondo classes, Chong Lee Family Classes offer students the unique chance to train with their loved ones using traditional forms, drills and techniques. Families can train together in the dojang with an instructor, learning the basics of Taekwondo and togetherness in one class.

Families can even participate in a fight class, which is a fun opportunity to spar with your loved ones in a safe, high energy workout that helps alleviate stress and develop a healthy, and competitive, family spirit.

Chong Lee also offers a complete family workout, which lets parents work out in the gym while their kids train in the dojang. What better way to improve your physical conditioning and teach your kids the importance of exercise and discipline than a family workout?

Private Family Classes are also available.

Please call (514)270-8239 or Contact Chong Lee Taekwondo for more information.

Free Class for the first white belt registration. Family Special for the first white belt registration. Free Uniforme for the first white belt registration.
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