Elite competitors are chosen by Chong Lee Taekwondo and given a highly structured yearly training plan. To be chosen for this training requires dedication, hard work and a long-term commitment to the sport and the school. Elite Competitors are taught to compete at the provincial, national, international, and olympic level, and their training is based on personal excellence.

Elite Competitors train together as a group, and the emphasis is on upholding a disciplined training regimen. This commitment extends off the mat as well, as students are required to maintain a high GPA. Chong Lee Taekwondo, in fact, is an active participant in Alliance Sport-√Čtude, a province-wide program that promotes academic and athletic excellence.

For students looking to compete but who cannot commit to the Elite Competitor training regimen, there is also a Weekend Warrior program, which trains students to compete on the monthly amateur circuit. Anybody can be a Weekend Warrior, but a certain training commitment and stability is still expected.

Please call (514)270-8239 or Contact Chong Lee Taekwondo for more information.

Free Class for the first white belt registration. Family Special for the first white belt registration. Free Uniforme for the first white belt registration.
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